THE LOST KINGDOM is a middle-grade fantasy novel. Complete at 60,000 words, the manuscript can be pitched as Jennifer Adam’s THE LAST WINDWITCH meets Jaqueline West’s LONG LOST. It is a stand-alone novel with series potential and contains multiple POVs.
Twelve-year-old Ren Everhart has everything she wants: she’s at the top of her class, her healing magic is improving, and her parents have yet to discover her stash of forbidden books. But when her dad goes missing and the adults in charge say it’s too dangerous to go after him, Ren takes matters into her own hands.
She thinks the solution lies in an old book of legends. According to the book, the Lost Kingdom is home to magical spirits who will grant Ren a wish if she can find them, and Ren plans on wishing to find her dad. Together with a telepathic prince, his shape-shifting twin, and an adventurous farm boy, Ren sets off to find a place that might not exist, but is her only chance at bringing her dad home.
Finding a mythical kingdom is easier said than done, especially with guards on their tail and secrets about a dark side of magic unearthing the closer they get to the Lost Kingdom. The deeper they go into the legend, the more Ren begins to realize that they might not just be saving her dad’s life, but fighting for their own as well.




ARCANA is a dark, queer, young adult science fiction novel. Complete at 85,000 words, the manuscript can be pitched as the thrill of Rebecca Coffindaffer’s Crownchasers meets the ruthless characters in Xiran Jay Zhao’s Iron Widow, with a superhero twist perfect for fans of Prime Video’s television series, The Boys

When seventeen-year-old Kira Leventis wakes up remembering nothing other than her name, she discovers she’s about to compete in the Arcana: an annual tournament where teenagers are given superhuman powers and fight to the death. To survive, Kira will need to win the first bracket, against sixteen other teenagers, and then a second one, against the finalists from eleven other groups. As if things can’t get any harder, Kira discovers one of the eleven finalists will be the girl who has been undefeated in the Arcana for the past two years.

After spying on her, Kira discovers the Arcana is rigged and if she wants to win, she’ll have to cheat just as much as the previous victor. For Kira, winning the Arcana isn’t just about surviving, it’s about getting her freedom and figuring out why she was selected for the competition and why she can’t remember anything from her past. But beating other teenagers with superhuman powers will be hard, and it gets even harder when Kira realizes she’s falling in love with the girl she needs to kill. 

Being the hero certainly won’t be enough to win, but becoming the villain might give Kira a chance.


Elevator Pitch:

A teenage girl must win a deadly competition where everyone has superhuman powers, but things get complicated when she falls in love with the girl she needs to kill.





Complete at 95,000 words, THE EMPEROR’S GAME is a young adult fantasy novel where THE AMAZING RACE meets THE HUNGER GAMES.

Seventeen-year-old Kana Adair wants to save herself and her Grandmother from exile to the Lower Ring–a fate, in her mind, that is worse than death. To do so, she must win the Emperor’s Game: a deadly race against ten of her classmates for a position on the Imperial Council and enough money to last a lifetime.

But entering the Emperor’s Game is easier said than done. In order to compete, Kana must convince a member of the Imperial Council to sponsor her, and the sponsorships are disappearing fast. Once in, Kana will need to survive all five of the races designed to test her intellect, strength, and loyalty to the Empire. But as the Game introduces her to darker truths about power and the people who hold it, Kana must confront the harsh reality that the Empire may not be worth fighting for after all.

As her loyalties are tested, Kana must decide–risk it all to win the Game, or find a way to save herself and her Grandmother without playing by the Emperor’s rules.

Status: Queried summer of 2021 (rejected)



THE ASHES OF LIGHT is a young adult fantasy novel complete at 77,000 words. It can be pitched as AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER meets Shannon Messenger’s KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES.

Valencia Walker’s father has been missing for months with no explanation. But when Valencia is transported to the magical kingdom of Gallomia, she discovers Gallomia’s rival king, Crypt, has kidnapped him. To save her father, sixteen-year-old Valencia must learn how to use magic by drawing energy from one of two sources: either light, which hums with gentle strength, or shadow, which is wild, deadly, and powerful.

With Crypt doing his best to take over Gallomia, Valencia realizes the kingdom’s stability is more fragile than ever. Her father’s knowledge is desperately needed to figure out Crypt’s plan before he can put it into effect.

Along with the crown prince, his shape-shifting twin, and a palace guard, Valencia embarks on a dangerous expedition to save her father. She and her friends must put their magic to the test if they want to rescue him and make it home alive, all in order to prevent Crypt’s reign of shadows from destroying everything they love.

Status: Queried September of 2020 (rejected)